Inspired by science, captivated by science fiction

That's pretty much what we're about: science, science fiction, and the vast frontier in-between. We produce films - animated & live action - some serious, some quirky, all fun & sciencey!

If you're as passionate about space and science as we are, you'll want to stick around, even if it takes us a bit of time to create something new to share with you.

VFX & Animation studio

The studio is run by Ratimir Rakuljić (Compositing specialist, 3D generalist, VFX supervisor) and Monika Drahotuski (Producer, Editor), each with over a decade of professional experience.

Triaxial Studio specializes in VFX & Animation. We also handle all aspects of production on various in-house projects, live action and animated, distributed under our Triaxial Space label.

Depending on the scale of the endeavor in progress, they are accompanied by a menagerie of other creative types.